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Of live video streams and Paleo

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I really enjoyed what Nicholas of K had to say in the interview we did last night for Musicorama.tv. He spoke about projects and how we can achieve anything we want as long as our mind is in the right place. I’ll let you know when that interview is online.

This year Paleo has been a different experience from previous years because I went as a “radio/TV” person as opposed to a collaborator (work for free, get free food and free non alcoholic drinks as well as invites for friends), in the latter case you sleep so little it’s not unusual to take a week to recover.

I enjoyed myself. I enjoyed seeing all the live acts and I streamed quite a few events, from Iam, The Justice, The goose, Massive Attack and more.

We also had interviews with BB Brunes, K, The DO, The Dodoz, Marvin, Girls in Hawai and Caribou if I remember all of them.

Here are some of the Live streams

Listen as the people realise what song it is. listen to the crowd roar 🙂

Tikan Jah Fakoly was good too. Nice relaxed evening. He was playing before Manu Chao

Manu Chao played for over two hours but I had work the next day so I left early.

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