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Yahoo live is an interesting live video conferencing tool still in it’s early days. It allows you to stream video live from your webcam and watch up to four other streams at the same time. There’s a chatroom and you can see all the participants at once and select which ones you want in vision and which you’d prefer out of vision.

There are a few bugs at the moment. I haven’t found sound that easy to deal with, especially since there’s a five to ten second delay. Chatting with Msiou he told me that what he had done is use skype conference calls to keep the conversation going. Of course this is a makeshift solution and some better interaction should come.

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2 responses to “Yahoo live”

  1. RandellFever avatar

    Hey Richard – I have been on a couple of times to test it out. I like the interface design. It looks like an interesting tool for a group of people who have a specific purpose for meeting, but for random conversation I greatly prefer Seesmic.

  2. Phil avatar

    Yeah I agree with Randell, I gave it a test run last night at my cycling social network and I think that kind of specific use is where it will prove useful.

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