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Chillout® is an open source implementation of the DMP DRM software. The idea is to create a multiplatform toolkit that allows for the easy managment of rights for media files. Built with Java it has several levels of rights managment for a number of files. This includes encrytion software and more. For a PDF document… Read More »

Digitalshadowcaster (TM)

As the rate of creation of content increases so does the challenge of following what was done by whom and that’s where digitalshadowcaster (TM). The idea is interesting to content producers.  Thus, the life cycle of an object may “Cast” a “Digital Shadow” (DS) that captures real time key information events and actions.  A given… Read More »

The Seesmic Dinner

Last night I had the good fortune of attending the social media dinner at the Coach and horse in London. It was yet another opportunity to meet people like Lloyd, Sizemore, Phil Campbell, Deek, Rupert Howe, Jess and many other seesmic participants. It was also my opportunity to meet some new people. I met Vinvin… Read More »

Blog Wars at the Frontline Club in London

Blog Wars is a documentary taking a look at how bloggers influenced the political debate in the state of Connecticut. It’s 58 minutes long and covers some interesting points but that’s not what I’m going to write about. For me what was interesting was seeing who was present. For a start I didn’t expect for… Read More »

The Vienna feed reader.

Here I am at 33,000 feet and I’ve been going through two days worth of RSS feed material whilst offline using Vienna. I’ve been getting a vast amount of data and I’m more inspired to write. I hadn’t really thought of downloading feeds until documentally of Ourmaninside told me about the browser. It’s a simple… Read More »

Last time I went to the cinema my name was in the credits

Last time I went to the cinema I was in Paris and my name was in the credits. This time I was at the 20th Century Fox offices on Soho Square in London as a guest, along with Loudmouthman, Suzymiller, Danacea, Rupert Howe, Sizemore and many other social media participants. We were invited to preview… Read More »

Andrew Gilligan in Bristol

Tonight I’m in Bristol.  I just listened to Andrew Gilligan give a little speech about journalism and some interesting aspects. It was filmed with two cameras and the video should be available in the near future. I also met John Charteris Black who wrote a few books as listed in the link I provided above.