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  • Plaxo Pulse and Facebook

    For all of those privacy advocates I’m on your side for this issue. With a lot of communitis you create a profile and friends can see it. What you give them are both your name and possibly phone number but no more. When you’re building a database of contacts you must ask for it. When […]

  • The year the Internet lost the cloak of anonimity.

    This has to be the year where I have met the most people online before meeting them in person, which is quite amusing. It’s also the year that warzabidul as a nickname became a person in the physical world to more than two or three people. It’s the year an online person become a nickname […]

  • The Seesmeetup

    It’s taken no more than a few days from the time I first saw Fred2baro on seesmic to our first meeting with Deek in London for the first Seesmeetup… so called. In fact it was both Sizemore that had the first meeting although more private in nature. One of the questions that one of Fred2baro’s […]

  • The social media Living Room

    Yesterday afternoon I dropped by Nik’s house, (Loudmouthman) for what would be the first Social Media Living room event. The idea is simple. Participants of Social Media, whether through Twitter, Seesmic and other networks meet in the physical world to have nice conversations. Quite a few people turned up including Fred2baro, Danacea, Mark Harrison, Jason […]

  • The new side of things

    If you’ve got a lot of time but not much new content to surf through then the perfect place for you is seesmic because that’s where you can chat to 5-10 friends and listen to what you have to say. If you’re busy on the other hand just turn to twitter where your instant needs […]

  • The Social media birthday, what is this stupid phrase about?

    Birthdays, until recently were about being with friends, birthday presents and good meals. Today however they have moved into the digital era, as a result of our ever more international lifestyle. Many of us travel between countries at least once a month whilst some of do so more often. Others of us have friends that […]

  • Social media girlfriends

    I like the social media and I spend a lot of time with them. Occasionally i meet the people involved in real life and so the social media are no longer quite as interesting, although of course I still have fun with them. One of the things I’ve been thinking is the term social media […]

  • A social media binge

    This weekend I went on a social media binge. A social media binge is the moment when you forfeit sleep and the rest of reality for a few hours as part of the social media. For the purpose of this particular challenge I set myself two pass times. The first of these was to twitter […]

  • Two Seesmic evenings later

    For the past two days I’ve been monitoring and participating in the seesmic conversations and it’s been a really interesting experience. There are so many different people. You’ve got some people living in San Francisco, others in South East Asia, France, Australia and England and they’re all coming to chat via video. This chat is […]

  • On meeting Robert Scoble at the London Geek Dinner

    This afternoon Nik Butler, Loudmouthman sent me a text message asking whether I was free to go to the London Geek Dinner where Robert Scoble would appear. Of course I was free so I decided to go to the event and met a number of people. The first person I met was Robert Scoble for […]