The new side of things

If you’ve got a lot of time but not much new content to surf through then the perfect place for you is seesmic because that’s where you can chat to 5-10 friends and listen to what you have to say. If you’re busy on the other hand just turn to twitter where your instant needs will be addressed immediately.

I’m thinking of this because I really think that people are using it (seesmic) as a forum. What makes a forum a forum is that you have to listen. You have to take the time to absorb the content and to react in more than one or two words. It’ a place where a “highly produced) form of content is shown.

Twitter in contast is very low keep. It’s simply writing 140 characters whilst doing five other things, whether looking through facebook, working on your blog or watching television.
They’re two different cliques which go well together. I’m combining the two, or at least trying. I’m trying to leave some personal video messages for people who have taken the time to converse with me in a different form. Seesmic wants all of your attention and everything requires user action. Twitter is the opposite, it’s like a CB, it’s like the radio. It’s something to keep you company rather than keep you entertained.

How many of you would agree with this view. How many people think I’ve missed an important aspect of these networks?

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