The social media Living Room

Yesterday afternoon I dropped by Nik’s house, (Loudmouthman) for what would be the first Social Media Living room event. The idea is simple. Participants of Social Media, whether through Twitter, Seesmic and other networks meet in the physical world to have nice conversations.

Quite a few people turned up including Fred2baro, Danacea, Mark Harrison, Jason Jarrett and one or two other individuals. we talked about tech and about life. The point is that to create a podcamp takes too much time and there is a need for more frequent smaller events. This was a perfect opportunity.

Among the amusing features of last night was the recording of a seesmic post via three laptops, three accounts and three webcams. We joked about which camera to look into and it was yet another example of taking Social Media friendships into the physical world.

No more complaining that spending time online means meeting fewer people. It doesn’t. I’m looking forward to more such events.


  1. driftingfocus

    Actually, I meet *more* friends online these days than I did before I was so involved in social networking. I’ve met some incredible people, in person, that way.

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