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The Tricaster – Videoforum

The Tricaster is a Multimedia portable switcher. In other words it’s an OB van in a box. It’s a vision mixing deck on the light. They range from having two sources to six depending on your needs. Rather than have racks and racks of expensive gear to lug around for low budget shoots you get… Read More »

How Using a Laptop for Client Led Video Editing Work Helps The Environment (Blog Action Day)

When I started video editing it required a powerful desktop computer and moving it around was hard. Now I’m working on a laptop. This is great for the environment and here’s why. When the equipment you are using is portable it means that you can edit from the client’s offices rather than your own. Several… Read More »

Podcamp UK Day 1

Today has been an informative day where there have been many conferences to participate in. The morning saw the introduction of the event whilst later on a great discussion took place about social networking and I’ve got the footage to give you an idea of the direction the conference was taking. On a side note… Read More »