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  • Velux Fractal Season

    Velux Fractal Season

    When the conditions are just right fractals form on veluxes and they are beautiful. It requires the air to be cool enough for ice to form, but as thin layers, rather than thick. If the wind is just right then you end up with patterns such as the one below. This morning all of the […]

  • A Frosty Morning

    A Frosty Morning

    Yesterday we had rain and with that rain came a night cold enough for everything to be covered in ice. As I came out of the train station in Nyon I could feel my feet slip frequently. In the process walking was treacherous for those who are not experienced with the pleasure of walking on […]

  • Replacing Instagram With Eyeem and a Blog

    Replacing Instagram With Eyeem and a Blog

    Replacing Instagram with Eyeem and a blog makes sense. When Instagram was new, before it was bought by Facebook it was a network of people who liked to take pictures sharing with friends and family. As it grew and as more people used it people followed less discerningly and so it became more of a […]

  • An Ingress Photo Walk Before The Rain

    An Ingress Photo Walk Before The Rain

    Today I went for an Ingress Photo Walk before the rain and I eventually did have to go home because the phone was starting to get wet and there was no urgency to continue playing the game and walking. I did spot a few things that were slightly out of the ordinary. The first thing […]

  • Plane Watching

    Plane Watching

    Yesterday I went to Geneva airport for an event but found that there were no spaces in any of the parkings so I went to Decathlon and Mediamarkt before deciding to go and watch planes land instead. I watched nine planes land. During this plane watching session I was on the Meyrin side standing underneath […]