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  • Day Twenty-Six of ORCA in Switzerland – Playing With 360 Video

    Day Twenty-Six of ORCA in Switzerland – Playing With 360 Video

    It’s Day 26 and today I was playing with 360 video. Specifically I went for a walk in the woods and placed the camera ahead of me to provide people with the opportunity to look around. Doing this is a risky strategy during the pandemic because if you cross paths with anyone there is nowhere […]

  • Filming events in 360

    Filming events in 360

    We have all seen events covered by photographers and camera operators but how many events have we seen covered with 360 degree videos? A few weeks ago I filmed the Escalade, wrestling and other events with 360 cameras and it was fun. In some cases it was the opportunity to play with a new format […]

  • Climbing Virtual Reality, Uniform and Grip

    Climbing Virtual Reality tuition is an interesting idea. Learning to climb is fun because it is a physical and intellectual challenge. The first step is to familiarise yourself with the sensations of climbing and learning to see where foot holds are and where hand holds are. When you begin the hand holds are easy to find […]

  • Watching clouds form as a 360 timelapse

    Time-lapse videos are fun because we can see something happen faster or slower than real time. By watching this content we gain a better understanding of the world and how it works. For years I have been filming time-lapses and the results can be fun. In some cases we record time-lapses with video cameras and […]

  • Rain and the Gear 360

    Rain and the Gear 360 are well suited to the weather we are currently subjected to in Switzerland. For the past month and a half we have had rain almost every single day. As a result of this it has limited the number of opportunities to go out and get 360 footage. 360 camera rigs […]

  • The Immersive Video Experience

    The Immersive Video Experience

      I was at the World Virtual Reality Forum in Crans Montana this weekend as a volunteer. During this time I was able to try many of the demonstrations and get a real feel for the potential of 360° and immersive videos. I was also able to listen to people comment on what they appreciated about […]