Day Twenty-Six of ORCA in Switzerland – Playing With 360 Video

It’s Day 26 and today I was playing with 360 video. Specifically I went for a walk in the woods and placed the camera ahead of me to provide people with the opportunity to look around. Doing this is a risky strategy during the pandemic because if you cross paths with anyone there is nowhere to avoid them. I quickly went back to open space and retreated for home. One runner passed too close.

It’s a cruel paradox of pandemics that the people you would most like to spend with, and the activities you would most like to do are forbidden, and those that are chores are allowed. Shopping is allowed. Meeting people to climb is not, meeting people to cycle is not. Nothing is allowed except putting up with the noise of people not in solitude.

Today I could stand neither Facebook nor Twitter so I spent time on Flickr insstead. I practiced writing captions by going through some of my images and adding titles and captions. I have over 30,000 images to work through so if I spend enough time I will perfect this skill.

What I want out of social media is to have a pleasant conversation about normal topics. For now social media is about three things. The Disease, thanking people, and blaming others. If you’re not in the mood for this trio of topics then it’s worth closing two tabs.

I continued Reading Pandemic by Sonia Shah. It’s interesting to note that denialism is nothing new when it comes to epidemics and the spread of disease. In the time of Cholera people would censor and hide that the disease was spreading. In another case people chose to take water from a contaminated source, rather than a clean river. Some unethical behaviours have not changed in centuries. Neither has the denialism. We have seen the health impacts of such behaviour. The US will soon reach half a million cases.

Blossom is still coming out from trees so I put the 360 camera right next to some blossom. Explore the image below to get a sense of spring.


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