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  • I got a job and I’m moving back to Geneva next week

    The week is almost over and I’ve got a job. Spent the past week being trained in certain softwares I’ll need to use, as well as hardware. I’m looking forward to that. In the meantime I have a little roadtrip to London and back to get out of the way. More details to come tomorrow […]

  • Last time I went to the cinema my name was in the credits

    Last time I went to the cinema I was in Paris and my name was in the credits. This time I was at the 20th Century Fox offices on Soho Square in London as a guest, along with Loudmouthman, Suzymiller, Danacea, Rupert Howe, Sizemore and many other social media participants. We were invited to preview […]

  • Thoughts on Teamwork

    Teamwork is a pain because it requires the collaboration of others. As Social Media people this may not sound like a challenge to you since you love having un-conferences and such but to others it’s a real challenge. Someone currently living in my home was telling me about how she would have to do the […]

  • Why I went to Paris

    The digital era of communcation is a great one because research for video material is no longer restricted the archives of the INA, France television, BBC, TSR and other archives to find footage you’re looking for. A producer from steamboat films was working on a documentary about the walkman and found a lot of historic […]

  • How Using a Laptop for Client Led Video Editing Work Helps The Environment (Blog Action Day)

    When I started video editing it required a powerful desktop computer and moving it around was hard. Now I’m working on a laptop. This is great for the environment and here’s why. When the equipment you are using is portable it means that you can edit from the client’s offices rather than your own. Several […]

  • The Kendra Party – Networking Event and Party

    Last night I went to the Kendra event not knowing what to expect from the event. It started at 6pm and ended by 9pm and i had the opportunity to meet with a few people of which Brendon Kenny of VK media and the Jummp project. A large amount of metadata is currently being discarded […]

  • Invisible without a website

    Having a website is essential in today’s media landscape for one simple reason. You don’t exist until I can hyperlink to a website containing examples of your work and describing what you do. This is particularly true in today’s new media landscape. For the minimalist among you a facebook or myspace page is the bare […]

  • Twittervox, flatlisters and a possible trip to Paris

    In today’s Twittervox episode we had Nik Butler talking about his idea of the flatlister. The concept is based around the idea that when someone is promoting themselves and building their own persona they are a flat lister. In other words they are in charge of their own persona and their own reputation. This carries […]

  • Dependability

    ” Hey, your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.” (Facebook as of this morning) Reliability is the single most important thing for a website. If, as they suggest, facebook is down for a few hours then that is demonstrating […]

  • Three lectures in two days

    Over the past two days I have been to three lectures of sorts. I went to listen to what people had to say about aid workers and journalism, what A crude Awakening was like and finally today to a talk about whether television should be trusted. All of these events were good and will get […]