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The Pandemic Duality

There are currently two societies. On one side we have those who believe what they are told and take everything at face value. On the other side we have those that look at the bigger picture, that follow international news, and look at the big picture. The society that believes what they are told without… Read More »

Wearing a Dumb Watch Or a Classic

Before the pandemic I liked to track sports, whether walking, indoor climbing, cycling, walking or more. I have tracked sports activities for two to three years at this point. I think I have almost 3000 tracked activities. That’s tracking my walks and more almost every day for at least ten years. Recently the English, Swiss,… Read More »

The Day Switzerland and Denmark Decided to Ignore the Pandemic. This Isn’t Freedom, This is Exposure.

Today is the day that Switzerland and Denmark decided to ignore the pandemic. They and other European countries have decided to lift quarantines, remove the need to work remotely and other such safety measures. Health indicators shows that there is a consistent rise in new cases in Switzerland and Denmark. They say it’s over but… Read More »