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  • Playing With The Aranet 4

    Playing With The Aranet 4

    Countries like Switzerland recently decided that the pandemic was over because lobbies wanted it to be over. Despite high numbers of infections and the percentage of tests being positive Switzerland decided that the acute phase of the pandemic was over. For them the lack of deaths, and the lack of people in ICUs meant that […]

  • Day One of ORCA in Switzerland

    Day One of ORCA in Switzerland

    During the weekend I thought that being in self-isolation would be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The sound of cars is diminished. More people are walking and going for bike rides and the level of pollution could decline for at least a few days or even weeks. On the flip side I saw that the […]

  • Outdoor Sports and Pandemics

    In theory, pandemics are terrible for your social life because you go from socialising in bars, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, and cafés to having to stay home like an indoor cat or a fish in an aquarium. For people like me, the thought of not being in crowds of 50 people is not worrying in […]

  • Fitness Centres and the Corona Virus

    I have been thinking of climbing gyms, in other words of fitness centres and the Corona Virus. A few years ago I went to a gym where we wiped down every machine after use. We would get a paper towel, spray it with liquid and clean all the surfaces we touched. This includes exercise bikes, […]

  • An Adult Playground Near a Children’s Playground

    An Adult Playground Near a Children’s Playground

    When in Geneva we can easily walk by the lake, or through the city when we’re not looking after children but when we are walking might be more of a challenge. I am not looking after children in Geneva but as you might there is an opportunity here. You have a choice of machines to […]

  • The High Tech World is not making us weak and weird.

    The High Tech world is not making us weak and weird. I believe that the opposite is true. According to Patrick Mustain in his article “Welcome to the Devolution: The High-Tech World Is Making Us Weak and Weird” for The Daily Beast he worries that modern technology and conveniences have taken the physical aspects out […]