Day One of ORCA in Switzerland

Day One of ORCA in Switzerland

During the weekend I thought that being in self-isolation would be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The sound of cars is diminished. More people are walking and going for bike rides and the level of pollution could decline for at least a few days or even weeks.

On the flip side I saw that the shops were crowded and that people were panic buying. People are panic buying because they’re afraid that the shops might have to close down if the virus spreads too extensively in Switzerland. This behaviour is irrational because there is no plan to close food shops. Spain, France, and Italy have all decided to keep shops open during the crisis whilst restricting all other activities.

People are afraid without understanding the Corona Virus. In the food shop I saw a number of people all crowding around the same aisles. I saw several groups of people walking in close proximity to each other. All the behaviours that we were told to avoid are not being avoided.

By standing in such close proximity to each other these individuals are precipitating the spread of the virus. The fear that the shops will have to close, is going to occur because they ignored the first rule of self-isolation. Avoid close proximity to others.

Have you ever been sat at a desk and breathed out and seen a piece of paper move as a result? If you have then keep this in mind. The problem with Corona Virus is that it is spread through the air and by touch. This meanss that if you’re within someone’s exhalation airspace you’re running the risk of contamination. It works both ways, so if you want to avoid contaminating others avoid being too close to them. For more information the CDC has a page about the transmission of Corona Virus.

As I walked away from the self-checkout I pulled out my bottle of hand gel and rinsed my hands. I poured a small quantity into the palm of one hand, put the bottle away and then rubbed until the gel was dry. In the last two days I read that this is the proper way to use hand gel. I then drove home and washed my hands as soon as I got home. It’s a shame that I couldn’t get pasta because a packet can last me for weeks. I consume rice at a much higher rate.

Switzerland is 9th in the Corona Virus league

One or two weeks ago I thought that by not going to two events I was being overly cautious. I didn’t go because I thought that risking catching the virus was not worth what I would gain at the two events. I even considered sitting in the back, where it would be less likely for someone to cough on me.


This year when people ask you what you gave up for Lent you’ll be able to say “Social interaction. I went into self-isolation to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. It wasn’t always joyful but at least we’re doing our best to eradicate this strain of the virus.

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