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  • Geneva tweetup at the Bristol

    After two years of online interactions I finally met certain Geneva twitter users. The tweetup took place at the Bristol Hotel in Geneva. There was a good group of people and they were what you would exepect from a tweetup. It was organised by bristolgva and here is some of the related twitter conversation linked […]

  • The small matter of Cairo

    What makes the situation in Cairo so interesting is the number of media outlets that you can use as sources. From 24 hour news channels like France 24, Al Jazeera, BBC World and others to individual people with mobile phones. For France 24 you have three languages to chose from, with Al Jazeera to you […]

  • Ten reasons to give up on twitter

    Once again I have deleted my twitter account. Here are ten reasons to give up on twitter. 1. Europe is neutral about the site. If you want friendships with people an ocean away join. 2. Whenever you want to post some technical problem means you have to post five times 3. If you have a […]

  • Here is the Nouvo video where you see me speak about twitter.

    And there you have it, me speaking about twitter. As promised – update – I’m happy with all the positive reactions this video is having. Thank you.

  • Happy and slightly nervous – as would be expected.

    Nouvo is a show I have enjoyed watching many times, aired on Swiss television and in podcast form until recently. They are changing format and appearing on the website and news programs from now on. What makes this particularly interesting is that they left a comment on this blog, asking to interview the person behind […]

  • It’s a question of Gravity – Twitter on S60

    Gravity is a twitter client for the s60 and I recently installed it on my N95 and so far I’m very happy with it. With an intuitive interface it makes being logged in to two twitter accounts and one identica account very easy. What is especially nice is that you select which account you want […]

  • The twitter schedule – updated

    For two years I’ve been using twitter and during that time I have spent far too much time on the site. As a result I built many friendships. Always paying attention to twitter, even when mobile was a great way of using twitter in the past, but due to people having less time every day […]

  • Recommending my twitter friends with MrTweet

    Whilst I listened to MrTweet speaking on the Net@Nite podcast from several month ago I found it interesting that he spoke of the re-tweet as giving credit to those you follow who share some interesting links. If you spend a lot of time on twitter though after seeing the same retweet too many times you […]

  • Twitterfall

    If you love watching trends on twitter then twitterfall is for you. It takes into account the top ten trends or so and automatically updates with the latest tweets from the whole of twitter. It’s great becaues you can see the trends in real time without following six thousand people. A mere 340 should be […]

  • Don’t rely on twitter in case of Emergency.

    Snowboarding is a fun and safe sport as long as you know what you’re doing. Occasionally of course we push the limits. A few years ago whilst snowboarding with someone around La Dole we decided that rather than go back down via St Cerque we would snowboard home by passing over the ridge and down […]