Ten reasons to give up on twitter

Once again I have deleted my twitter account. Here are ten reasons to give up on twitter.

1. Europe is neutral about the site. If you want friendships with people an ocean away join.

2. Whenever you want to post some technical problem means you have to post five times

3. If you have a real job, not freelancing, then you can’t afford to check updates all the time.

4. Lack of user engagement, when less than a tenth of your replies are responded to you know there’s no point staying up to date with those people.

5. Virtual community, unlike with facebook and other social networks the people you interact with here are strangers.

6. Spam, as more and more marketers come to the site so the more you use certain words the more unsolicited messages you get.

7. Veteran community: Aside from Facebook all websites are at their community most interesting when the users are new and passionate about the service. That has faded with twitter.

8. 140 characters; Although it was great three years ago mobile phones are now far more capable mobile devices. Limiting yourself to 140 characters is no longer an interesting option.

9. Server downtime. For three years they have been struggling with making the platform stable and for three years they have been failing. If you have to try five times to post 140 characters then something is wrong.

10. User indifference. They are indifferent about their user base. Just take a look at the FAQ and try to offer them feedback and you will first have to go through an FAQ before being able to explain your views.

Having a full time job means that my free time is more precious than before. As a result I’d rather be out in the real world doing real things. It’s also about how much time you need to invest into such a service before getting anything of any value out of it. As a result a year after I first left twitter I have left again. This time I think it will be for good. I don’t like the way the company is run and I don’t like the way the users are using the site. Goodbye twitter. On to better things.

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