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  • is twitter changing your blogging habits? – A 2008 response

    Yes and no. Twitter is replacing instant messaging and chatrooms. It’s an open method by which for people to communicate instantly with others. It’s also about the overheard conversation although that term has disappeared. What does “overheard” mean? Well simply that whenever two people discuss a topic hundreds of people are following this conversation and […]

  • Social conversations and the social media

    If you read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” you see how important it is to take notice of other people, to be positive and to be interested in what they are doing. That can be a challenge for everyone. We all have different priorities so putting other people first is a challenge. The […]

  • Social media, loneliness and isolation.

    “The pathology of social media is all about loneliness” Social media professionals take the weekend off. Twitter users use hashtags so that their content can be found without being followed. Everything is turned towards discoverability rather than commitment and conversation. Social media practitioners know that people aren’t listening attentively so they repeat and repeat in […]

  • A little bit of twitter history from 21/07/2007

    Hello Twitter-ers! As you may already know, Obvious is the parent company of Twitter and it’s never a dull day around here. Today our little building is abuzz with activity surrounding an announcement that Odeo (another Obvious product) is ready for a new home. We’re entertaining offers from potential buyers because Odeo deserves the same […]

  • Threaded conversations and community

    From the 1970s to 2007 we had threaded conversations through bulletin boards, forums, groups and other centralising discussion points. For a brief window of about two years conversations became so captivating that people wanted to meet in person as strong friendships were established. By 2009-2010 the threaded and personal conversations between web users was hijacked […]

  • New unfollow out

    Twitter is a dynamic and social conversation tool which ignores borders, timezones and continents. The more time you give to the website the more you get out of it. As more and more people join the site so following passive people makes less and less sense. Yesterday I downloaded justunfollow out of curiosity and today […]

  • Geneva tweetup at the Bristol

    After two years of online interactions I finally met certain Geneva twitter users. The tweetup took place at the Bristol Hotel in Geneva. There was a good group of people and they were what you would exepect from a tweetup. It was organised by bristolgva and here is some of the related twitter conversation linked […]

  • The small matter of Cairo

    What makes the situation in Cairo so interesting is the number of media outlets that you can use as sources. From 24 hour news channels like France 24, Al Jazeera, BBC World and others to individual people with mobile phones. For France 24 you have three languages to chose from, with Al Jazeera to you […]

  • Ten reasons to give up on twitter

    Once again I have deleted my twitter account. Here are ten reasons to give up on twitter. 1. Europe is neutral about the site. If you want friendships with people an ocean away join. 2. Whenever you want to post some technical problem means you have to post five times 3. If you have a […]

  • Here is the Nouvo video where you see me speak about twitter.

    And there you have it, me speaking about twitter. As promised – update – I’m happy with all the positive reactions this video is having. Thank you.