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  • Re-tweeting demonstrates that twitter is broken, here’s why

    Having used Friendfeed intensly for the last two days and through reading this post I believe that twitter is on it’s way out for early adopters for one fundamental reason. The re-tweet. Twitter is over simplified for anything but IRC like conversation and as a result of this for passionate users such as myself we […]

  • Geneva Tweetup during the LIFT09 Conference – Who’s Interested?

    One of my biggest frustrations at the moment as a user of twitter is that I can’t meet with the people I chat with on a regular basis. As a result of this I am trying to find as many Geneva based twitter users as possible to organise a tweetup. There are two options, the […]

  • The Forbes Intern is not wrong about twitter in Europe

    Saw this post on techcrunch and the intern is not wrong. I left a comment on the blog. I also decided to leave that comment here. Get out of London, get out of Paris. Get to the provinces and the small towns. get into the french speaking, Lithuanian speaking, portuguese portions of twitter and the […]

  • Zurich twitter dinner and the Inauguration in Geneva

    For the moment I am planning on going to Zurich for the twitter dinner. It’s the first Zurich twitter event I go to and it will be interesting whether I need to speak swiss german or whether my English and French will help make conversation a little simpler. I don’t exchange messages with many Zurich […]

  • Arte have a twitter channel for their programs

    A few days ago I noticed that twitter was tweeting their programs as they were on in German and this looked like a good idea. I commented it was a shame that they didn’t have the same in French. Within a few days it’s there. This morning I saw Arte’s tweet for one program and […]

  • Twitter’s broken yet again

    And in great style twitter is broken again and yet again they’ve found a new way in which for this to be evident. Today they’ve devided to block all ingoing tweets, no more posting for the next few hours I guess. They really should get a prize for this. No warning, no message, nothing.

  • Twitter and it’s fourty minute delay

    Today twitter has reminded me of why I dislike how it’s managed. With the big Mac World event and CES twitter is down, for the count. The problem is that these crafty people have decided that rather than take the site down completely they would let it lag. As a consequence of this lag the […]

  • TwitterFriends

    Twitterfriends is another of those interesting tools to see who you converse with most on twitter. You can see who replies to you most, who you reply to most, the sphere of influence and more. As a result it’s a good tool with which to establish who are the interesting people to continue following as […]

  • Tweetgrid – a tool to make sense of it.

    Yesterday someone twittered about tweetgrid, a simple to use web interface that allows you to see, in real time what people are tweeting about. It filters as many key words to chose and dedicates one portion of the screen per word. If you select four words then you can watch as four topics are discussed. […]

  • The Social media Misnomer

    This morning I spent three hours chatting to people in Australia, Sweden and France via both twitter and plurk and it felt great and the reason for this is that it was personal. We hear so much and read even more about the social media and the social web but there is one fundamental flaw […]