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Day 52 Of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – More Cows, and Cascading Style Sheets

While some of us have gone fifty-two days without being within two meters of another person due to the pandemic others walk side by side down country lanes, forcing those walking alone to make the decision of whether to risk infecting the vulnerable couple or stepping off the road and waiting under an electricity pylon while the selfish people clear the way.


In the image above we can clearly see two couples walking side by side. If these couples could walk single file then single people would be able to move around more freely. That’s why I went for walks in the rain, why I walked through muddy fields and paths that became streams. It’s the only way to avoid these people. Solitary confinement may be the reason this behaviour bothers me so much. It’s hard to see people that are not alone, when we are.

If I was walking in open fields at the moment I would have been charged at least two or three times by cows protecting their young. The reason for this is that they’re with calves that are just a week or three old. You can see them stand defensively and that they’re ready to charge you if you get too close.

Now would be a very bad time to walk into an enclosure. Now is a good time to be careful when hiking.


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? Barden Bellas – joealbanese

Switzerland is at the point in the pandemic where you can start to feel happiness, and enjoy self-isolation. The risk of contagion is now much lower. There was just one new case in the Canton de Vaud over the last day according to recent stats. We could be careless and still be safe now.

I saw that the recycling centre had no queue so I may finally consider going next Wednesday. I suspect Friday and Saturday will be a nuisance.

Extending my knowledge of CSS.

One of my daily tasks is to learn something online every day. Today I played with cascading style sheets. To be more specific I re-worked the intro page to my old blog. In practice it wasn’t a blog. It was a collection of articles I wrote for the student newspaper when I was still at school, and continued working on beyond college.

The idea was to take the look of the pages I created in Front Page or some other piece of software and reproduce them using a stye.cc file and one line of code in the <head> section of the page. This was a success so I went from having a complicated web page to a simple one. I find CSS intuitive to use, so far, and it didn’t take much time or confuse me.

The next stage is to go through all the old pages and remove the superfluous html and replace it with the CSS call. This should make the pages load faster, and look better on mobile phones. While on my daily walk I did a quick check and the page looked good on my mobile phone so I’m happy.

On Duolingo I reached Day 240 today. I haven’t missed a single day although some days have been lazier than others.






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