Uninspired to Write

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I know that I should be inspired to write, since this is the second day of the year. I am not. I watched Top Gun Maverick and it was better than I expected. I find this a curious film because it uses elements from the old film but all the characters are older and possibly wiser.

I have almost finished an Inspector Morse book. Last Bus to Woodstock. It’s different to other books I have read. It has taken a while for me to read the book, both as a print book, and as a kindle book. This should be the first book that I finish this year.

I did think about using WordPress as a twitter alternative because it’s federated, flexible, easy to setup and in general already has a community. If I want to tweet/microblog/toot into a void then I don’t need to be on a specific server or framework. I can stick to WordPress and post from here. It will be less visible. I find toots are often not that interesting. I need to find a place with a relevant and interesting community.

WordPress is one easy to use solution.





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