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Extreme Mountain unicycling

Sometimes you watch clips that impress you. In this case it’s a clip that scares me. I wouldn’t want to ride a unicycle down that type of landscape. Would you?

Via Ferrata de Tière

In the valley close to Champéry there is a via ferrata. Via Ferrata are routes passing on rock faces thanks to the help of metal pedals, hand and foot pedals and bridges. On this Via Ferrata you climb up vertically and horizontally depending on the moment. Some obstacles are easier to get past than others… Read More »

High Definition Pleasure

I love high definition because it reminds me of those massive paintings you see in art galleries. You know the ones. It’s those that have things happening in different parts. Look to the top right and you see one set of people, look at the centre of the image and you notice something slightly different.… Read More »

Mobile spending

Important for global marketers, mobile handsets are the dominant way people access the Web in many emerging markets, as it is far cheaper, says John Gauntt, senior analyst at digital ad tracker eMarketer. With a computer, “The cost of entry to get Internet access is about $1,200 for the PC and broadband; a mobile is… Read More »

Wifi detection

Twice yesterday I was surprised at how fast the new ipod detects networks. The first time was in one of wagamama’s restaurants. It found ten within two seconds of opening up the application. The second time was in a block of flats. Both times it detected the networks within a matter of seconds. It’s a… Read More »