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  • CuriosityStream – a place to find interesting documentaries

    Yesterday I started exploring CuriosityStream, a video streaming website that makes finding and watching documentaries easy. You can have a trial run of seven days but after watching three documentaries since yesterday evening I am convinced that it is a place where I want to watch more content.  I like documentaries that are well produced […]

  • Video piracy in the 21st century

    A few days ago I was watching a Magnum PI episode where Higgins had a film camera pointed at the television screen to record a game of snooker broadcast from “half way around the world” by satellite.  Today I noticed this article speaking of the way in which twitter’s Periscope app and Meerkat were used to […]

  • Eurovision coverage of the FIFA World Cup

    If you are living within the European Broadcasting Union member countries you can access live footage of the FIFA World cup matches as well as highlights by going to EurovisionSports. Highlights are also included at the end of the individual games so that you may relive the highlights. There is also a Facebook page where […]

  • Vancouver live in Europe – Streaming

    The European Broadcasting union are providing live coverage of the Vancouver Olympic games to Eurovision member states. There are 6 live channels in Standard definition as well as a channel for certain events in high definition. Also available are the live broadcasts that members of the European broadcasting Union are making available to their home […]

  • Qik, Snowfall

    Here, some qik snowfall, on the last day of the year

  • View from the vineyards – Fun little trip

    Everyone’s always sitting in an office or at least in cities. I’m breaking away from that to stream the countryside. Remind people that it also exists.

  • Some more playing with Flixwagon.

    These streams are to illustrate how easily you can record some video as live of a walk and upload them one you get to a wifi hotspot to avoid paying the data rates offered by most mobile operators. 

  • Mountain streams

    Whilst some people are perfectly happy sitting at a desk chatting to others via webcams I prefer to be out and about streaming daily life. Today was one example of what I like to do. I went up to La Dole for a walk with the n95 and streamed a few landscapes for people following […]

  • From Mobile to train station display live.

    If this isn’t a hoax then this is pretty fun. A guy claims to have hacked into the video display at a train station and is streaming live.

  • I’m going to play with Flixwagon

    Because three or four, I’ve lost track of how many, live streaming applications for the phone aren’t enough i’ve started to play with flixwagon as well. So far it’s taking some getting used to but I hope that by tomorrow I’ll have learned more. It’s still an alpha and only works with select phones. I […]