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  • Thoughts On Decentralised Social Media

    Thoughts On Decentralised Social Media

    The web was decentralised for a long time. The internet and social networks were designed around different niches. We had niches for people that did sports in the same area of Switzerland, that wanted to discuss a variety of topics, for music lovers and more. The change brought on by MySpace, Twitter, ICQ, Facebook and […]

  • The Free Twitter API Ends and The Twitter Silo Begins

    Social networks and social networks are based on people connecting with other people. Twitter is a glorified chatroom masquerading as a microblogging platform. As twitter shifts from being free, to being paying, it is losing it’s appeal. Fifteen years ago there was plenty of discussion about Social Media silos and the social graph, and discussion […]

  • Reading The Cult of the Amateur By Andrew Keen in 2023

    Reading The Cult of the Amateur By Andrew Keen in 2023

    During yesterday’s walk I found that I could read The Cult of the Amateur by Andrew Keen as an audiobook so I listened to a few minutes. It took me back in time to 2006 when people worried about the detrimental effect that bloggers that were not accountable would have on information, disinformation, reliability and […]

  • Twitter’s Not For Me

    Twitter’s Not For Me

    Twitter has a new For You page inspired by TikTok’s For you page according to Quartz. Many years ago we had Seesmic, a video chat community where people could share video messages 24 hours a day. We even experimented with recording videos and sharing them by phone when this was still novel. Tik Tok has […]

  • A Short Twitter Detox

    A Short Twitter Detox

    I took a short twitter detox for two days. For two days I didn’t look at tweets, replies and more. For two days if I wanted to rant I couldn’t. For two days I couldn’t see replies. For two days I couldn’t read people complain. It is good to take a break from twitter sometimes. […]

  • The Post Social Media Era

    The Post Social Media Era

    I believe that we are shifting towards a Post Social Media Era where social networks are built in to online activities. People love to say that online social networks and social media are a waste of time and that they have a negative impact on how we feel about ourselves. For years I have been […]

  • Forums Are The Sandbox Of The Web

    The concept of community is an old one, coming from an evolutionary need for more than one pair of eyes to watch out for predators and other threats. over time the sense of community has evolved and become as great as it is today. There are however pockets of social discord. I believe that forums […]

  • There Are Two Parts To The World Wide Web

    the future of the web the search engine was the king, now it’s social networking. People had their own home page, now it’s grown to their own website. The blog was grown and grown, replacing webrings to be developed For several years the search engine was king. This was the place where everyone went to […]