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  • 13 Minutes to the Moon

    13 Minutes to the Moon is an interesting podcast dedicated to the Lunar Landings. This podcast, along with audiobooks, is interesting because they allow us not just to read the dialogues that took place but to hear what the controllers and astronauts heard. At one point in Episode two, you hear two communications loops at […]

  • Podcasts on the Android

    For three days now I have been listening to podcasts on the Nexus one using Listen. It is a podcast app that allows you to subscribe to and download podcasts from the comfort of the mobile device. What I like about this app is the ease with which you can select which podcasts to listen […]

  • Excitement for live streaming from mobile phones

    Live video streaming from the mobile phone is normal for me. Yesterday for example I was streaming from the boat as the Croisière de l’espoir came back into port. Jose Castillo and Tim Siglin talk about highlights from Streaming Media East in New York, including AT&T’s re-emergence as a CDN, a jaw-dropping mobile video webcasting […]

  • Bill Palmer of Iprong 3c, twittermail3k twittter 3k+

    Today’s news is as follows. Having seen that Bill Palmer of the Iprong podcast and website would add the 300th friend on Facebook I decided I would take this opportunity to add him. His podcast is “for the ipod generation so take the time to listen to it. It’s mainly about iphones and ipods but […]

  • Apple phone show 22 is interesting and twitter tracking

    Apple Phone Show no. 22 is a particularly good episode. Andy Ihnatko and Scott Bourne discuss how to use the iPhone in real-life situations. It’s a precursor of things to come in the near future. I’ve decided to try Twitter tracking which works by you selecting which words you want to follow. The messages are […]

  • David Pogue’s Style

    Too many video podcasts are badly produced and that is why David Pogue’s most recent episode was enjoyable to watch. He has a distinctive style. Whilst most video podcasters are content simply using a fixed camera at a desk he takes the time to create entertaining demonstrations of how the tech he is discussing is […]

  • An Interesting Podcast

    I listen to a lot of current affairs programs but occasionaly I enjoy listening to more light hearted podcasts. Over the past two or three days I have been listening to John Foster’s Beerschool. This is a podcast aimed at those who want to learn to appreciate more than one type of beer. He also […]

  • Ijustine and Laporte have demonstrated how to use twitter

    Karina Stenquist of Mobuzz tv is confused by the notion of twitter as anything other than a means by which to distribute brainfarts, a term used by a few people. Do you remember Swatch and Swatch time? The idea was to create a universal timekeeping format which would be the same around the world. If […]

  • meet the press

    I’m listening to meet the press by NBC and it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking as the governor. It’s quite amusing.