Ijustine and Laporte have demonstrated how to use twitter

Karina Stenquist of Mobuzz tv is confused by the notion of twitter as anything other than a means by which to distribute brainfarts, a term used by a few people.

Do you remember Swatch and Swatch time? The idea was to create a universal timekeeping format which would be the same around the world. If something would happen at 128 then this would be a universal time and everyone would turn up.

It’s a number of years later and now twitter is on the scene. As those who spend far too much time online, such as myself, have found it is the problem of knowing at what time something is going to happen. Let’s say that there’s a radio show at 9:30 pm GMT. Everyone not on GMT has to calculate at what time this would be for them. Through twitter, there’s no need. Just tell people “I’ll twitter you when I’m on” and that’s when you know to log on and follow the program. Leo Laporte and Ijustine have already been doing this.

There’s another element of interest. When you enjoy what someone is writing you have a tendency always to check their website, seeing whether anything has updated. Most of the time it hasn’t. With twitter, the person writing may send a tweet (Twitter message) and you’ll know that there’s a new piece of writing to be read and that’s great. It means that you’re not stuck at your desk waiting for new things to appear because you’re permanently kept informed.

Some news sites are using this service but it’s too much information to process therefore it may be better simply to check these when you’re at your computer rather than via text. It’s undercutting certain mobile operators extra features but that’s another story.

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