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Paris Seesmic seemeetup fun

Being in Paris to meet Seesmic friends once more today. we went to Dune, cafe/bar where we spent many hours eating various types of meat, drinking wine and seesmicing from laptops and mobile phones. Many photographs were taking. We could see each other without the intermediary of the webcam. It was good. 🙂 I’ve met… Read More »

Videocamp, Paris

A few days ago I was in Paris to meet the Francofous and in the process I passed by La Cantine where they were holding a Videocamp. It’s like a barcamp but rather than talking about radio and podcastng people talked about peer to peer video sharing, citizen journalism and other topics. I filmed a… Read More »

Parisian moments

There is more video to come but I need to wait for seesmic to recognise and promote the files before I link to them.