Paris Seesmic seemeetup fun

Being in Paris to meet Seesmic friends once more today. we went to Dune, cafe/bar where we spent many hours eating various types of meat, drinking wine and seesmicing from laptops and mobile phones. Many photographs were taking. We could see each other without the intermediary of the webcam. It was good. 🙂

I’ve met a few new people and made more friends. Vinvin was there, Fred2baro, xtelle, Beatrice,

The event started when i met fred2baro at paris Gare de Lyon. He told me Keziah Jones was playing at one of the metro stations. He’s one of the artists i saw at the Caribana a few months ago. Djamel wasin the crowd for a short moment 🙂 Once i get to a proper laptop it will be easier to find the relevant videos and upload my own.

Re: @seesmictable : Le Bar est ouvert! …. et pendant ce temps la…

Fin de Fin du du seesmeetup follower cafedune svp

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