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Relaxing Cows

Ordinarily you see pictures of cows standing up looking towards the camera but occassionaly people like me walk by cows when they are on their chewing the cud break. They lie around and slouch. It’s amusing to see three cows in close proximity like this. They have their eyes closed, their legs out. Are you… Read More »

Day 53 Of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – Rebooting Switzerland in Safe Mode

We’re just days away from Switzerland rebooting in Safe Mode. Rebooting in Safe mode means that children will go back to School on alternating days. Hairdressers and creches are already open. So are flower shops. When I went to the local shopping the music festival maze to get into the shops was simplified and made… Read More »

Day 52 Of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – More Cows, and Cascading Style Sheets

While some of us have gone fifty-two days without being within two meters of another person due to the pandemic others walk side by side down country lanes, forcing those walking alone to make the decision of whether to risk infecting the vulnerable couple or stepping off the road and waiting under an electricity pylon… Read More »