Day 53 Of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – Rebooting Switzerland in Safe Mode

Day 53 Of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – Rebooting Switzerland in Safe Mode

We’re just days away from Switzerland rebooting in Safe Mode. Rebooting in Safe mode means that children will go back to School on alternating days. Hairdressers and creches are already open. So are flower shops.

When I went to the local shopping the music festival maze to get into the shops was simplified and made more efficient. You don’t need to walk around so much. The doors to the shopping centers are also opening in the normal configuration again. Life is already to return towards safe-mode normal.

French people in Switzerland have fallen in love with the sentence «Il faut agir aussi vite que possiblemais aussi lentement que nécessaire». Translated it means “We must act as quickly as possible, but be as meticulous as possible” or something to that effect. It’s important to be responsive, and to take the time it takes, to get life back to normal, safely.

T-shirts with this phrase are selling very well. We know what to wear on the 1st of August.

Part of this experiment should include a smartphone app to track who we’re close to and when. It’s developed by the EPFL and we’ll see how it behaves and if it provides us with any interesting or useful information. I’m a fan of apps that provide me with information about the information I’m providing. I like Google Maps for this reason. I’ll have an opinion on Monday.

Rather than go for my daily walk I went for a daily bike ride. I went as far as Versoix and back in a respectable loop. The borders are still shut so the paths I like to take are not accessible yet.


Completely surrounded by ##cows in ##switzerland. Time for them to go up to the ##mountains.

? Originalton – leonii.lyy

See you tomorrow.

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