Day 48 Of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – Calves And Their Mothers

By | 02/05/2020

During today’s walk I saw calves and their mothers. Their mothers were mooing me away but I was taking video so I didn’t move until one after another started to approach me. By then I had the footage I wanted to have. I had a strong fence fixed with wooden posts and a bush between myself and the cows so I calculated that the risk was low enough not to bolt.


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? I Would Walk 500 Miles – MC Vintage

During today’s walk I wore my old hiking boots to the car, swapped them for my new ones, and then left the car at home and headed out for my walk. Wearing hiking boots was a wise choice because the ground is still waterlogged and my feet stayed drier than if I had worn normal shoes. It also meant that I could walk through deep puddles, and that’s always fun.

The Tik Tok video above shows that one of the trails through the woods is nicely waterlogged so it makes sense to wear hiking boots rather than shoes. One of the beauties of walking on a rainy day during a pandemic is that normal people stay home. Even dog walkers stay home. As a result you have the entire landscape to yourself.


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? In The End – Mellen Gi Remix – Tommee Profitt

I did have what Parisians would call a bucolic moment when I was walking up a grassy bank. I could hear the sound of cow bells and of cows moving. As I looked up I could see them on the horizon walking by and so I filmed it, added the usual music and shared it to Tik Tok for others to enjoy in turn.


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? Stranger – CHUNNYT

The walk I went on today lasted for two and a half hours. Can you imagine walking two and a half hours in the rain, on a saturday, during a pandemic, for fun? It’s funny to get home and to hear the sound of the rain intensify and decreases on the Velux. I walked in that. The May challenge that the Apple Watch wants me to attempt is to cover 350 kilometres. I’m meant to walk, cycle or run almost eleven kilometres a day. It seems like a reasonable goal with my current habits.

A Third Walk In The Rain

It’s 19:30 and I should prepare dinner for myself.

See you tomorrow.

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