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  • A Cloudy Sky

    A Cloudy Sky

    Today as I walked from one village to another I looked up the hill and I saw a cloud arch framing a nearby village and I had to take a picture. The framing of the image was rather unique. It is below. Is it kitsch? There is a good chance. It was unique, so I […]

  • The Unthreatening Clouds

    The Unthreatening Clouds

    The unthreatening clouds did not bother me during my bike ride but it was cooler than sometimes at this time of year. I occasionally felt that an extra layer or two would be welcome. That’s unusual in July at this time of year. I chose routes that kept me as far from cars as possible. […]

  • Cows on a Stormy Day

    Cows on a Stormy Day
  • The Dynamism Of Light – Walking on a Cloudy Day

    The Dynamism Of Light – Walking on a Cloudy Day

    If we did not have seasons, and weather, then walking the same route several times a week would get boring. Thanks to the weather we see plants get sown, we see them grow, we see them harvested, and then we see new plants planted. Over time, we recognise plants at an earlier and earlier stage […]

  • Nice Clouds on a Windy Day

    Nice Clouds on a Windy Day

    Sometimes you drive home on the scooter and you look up at the sky and you think “When I get out of this village I’m going to stop by the side of the road and I’m going to take a picture of the clouds because they’re photogenic. The reason for them being photogenic today is […]

  • A Timelapse from La Barillette

    A Timelapse from La Barillette

    It is not rare for me to do a timelapse from La Barillette. Several years ago I tried a timelapse with a 360 camera where you saw clouds forming overhead and in a spherical video. I also filmed a timelapse of the Paléo parkings filling up. This time I went up the Jura in the […]

  • Watching clouds form as a 360 timelapse

    Time-lapse videos are fun because we can see something happen faster or slower than real time. By watching this content we gain a better understanding of the world and how it works. For years I have been filming time-lapses and the results can be fun. In some cases we record time-lapses with video cameras and […]

  • The Solar Eclipse as seen from the Vaud Countryside

    Solar Eclipse 2015 from Mainvision on Vimeo. Eventually the clouds blocked it.

  • As Long as There Are No Clouds

    In less than twenty four hours there will be a total eclipse of the sun that will give us a red moon and this should be interesting to see. Back in 1999 I was in Salzburg for the total eclipse of the sun by the moon. I was almost within the area of totality. It […]