Ribbed/rippled clouds

Nice Clouds on a Windy Day

Sometimes you drive home on the scooter and you look up at the sky and you think “When I get out of this village I’m going to stop by the side of the road and I’m going to take a picture of the clouds because they’re photogenic.

Ribbed/rippled clouds

The reason for them being photogenic today is that they were rippled like the sea, rather than fluffy. Those ripples make you think of the sand underwater by the beach.

When clouds are around look up
It’s nice to see a sky that looks different than usual.

After so many hours spent walking the same landscape day after day you spend more and more time noticing the details. In so doing you notice the sky, you see the fields change, and the crops mature, from a muddy field to a field at full maturity, before being ready to be harvested, and harvested.

The summer road
For months we had very few clouds. Finally the sky is worth looking at, once more.





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