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  • Summer without a car has taught me to live locally

    Summer without a car has taught me to live locally

    This summer I was thinking of buying a car until I found out that my contract break was for six months rather than three. As a result of this my ability to buy my own car vanished. I used the scooter, my feet and eventually the bike to travel thousands of kilometres.  I rode the […]

  • Cycling to the Vallée de Joux

    Cycling to the Vallée de Joux

    Yesterday I tried cycling to the Vallée de Joux and succeeded. A few weeks ago I cycled up to St George and I saw a sign that said that the Col De Marchairuz was less than 6km away so I decided to try it. When I succeeded that I saw that getting to the Vallée […]

  • Cycling into the wind

    Cycling into the wind

    Yesterday I cycled my first 100km ride. It started as a simple ride towards Geneva and back but by the time I got back to Nyon I felt that I had enough energy to go further so I set the goal of getting to Rolle and after Rolle I set the goal to get to […]

  • Indoor Training With The Elite Qubo Fluid

    The Elite Qubo fluid is a home trainer using a viscous fluid to provide resistance when you’re cycling with your road bike indoors. It is easy to assemble and within minutes you can start using it.  These devices cost less than apartment bikes and allow you to train with your existing bike within the comfort of […]

  • Cycling to the City that Never Wakes Up

    Cycling to the City that Never Wakes Up

    Yesterday I wanted to go for a bike ride. I hesitated between driving to the Vallée De Joux and cycling around the lake, cycling up to Les Rousses and facing a long and sustained uphill or cycling to a meeting in Geneva. In the end, I cycled to the meeting in Geneva. As you see […]

  • Environmentalism and Traffic Lights

    Environmentalism and Traffic Lights

    When you’re driving from Nyon to the airport without traffic the journey takes about twenty minutes. If you decide to drive into the city of Geneva that journey time is doubled thanks in main part to traffic lights. It once took me over one hour when scuba diving in Hermance to drive from Place des Nations […]

  • WordPress and Strava – Using WP Strava on this blog

    I installed WP Strava on this blog to share my Strava cycling and running activity. At the time of this blog post you can see my most recent bike rides in the left column as well as the most recent map. With a minimum of code you can also include your bike rides within a […]



    I have logged 799 activities with my Suunto devices. This includes hikes, via ferrata, climbing, swimming and scuba diving. I like Suunto devices because their battery life is good enough to last through entire days of hiking and the battery lasts for weeks between charges when used as a simple watch. I like to track […]

  • Strava Now Has Rock Climbing, Hiking And More

    Strava Now Has Rock Climbing, Hiking And More

    Strava now has rock climbing, hiking and many more sports. Sports tracker, movescount and other applications already allowed you to do this but it is nice to see one more network provide us with this option. Up until now I had to make sure to go for a bike ride or three per week to […]

  • Critical Mass in Geneva

    For those who like to cycle in a group of people there is a critical mass event organised for the 29th of August from 1830 onwards in Geneva. The meeting point is the île Rousseau. From there they will cycle around the city of Geneva. At the moment of writing this post the weather is […]