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  • What is a Twitterstorm

    The Twitterstorm is a description of an event where hundreds of 140 character messages are sent at the same time. The most recent example of this occurrence is the one that took place when news of Jaiku being swallowed by google broke. Both Twitter and Jaiku are similar. They both give you 140 characters to […]

  • People appreciate video of an event for the second time

    A few months ago I filmed the Silent Disco in Paddington station, one of London’s main train stations. As a result of the coverage of the event many people were happy to see it. With the footage I have recently filmed of the events that took place on the 6th of October I am once […]

  • Invisible without a website

    Having a website is essential in today’s media landscape for one simple reason. You don’t exist until I can hyperlink to a website containing examples of your work and describing what you do. This is particularly true in today’s new media landscape. For the minimalist among you a facebook or myspace page is the bare […]

  • Twittervox, flatlisters and a possible trip to Paris

    In today’s Twittervox episode we had Nik Butler talking about his idea of the flatlister. The concept is based around the idea that when someone is promoting themselves and building their own persona they are a flat lister. In other words they are in charge of their own persona and their own reputation. This carries […]

  • 17 After the Event- Carrying the Conversation Forward

    There are two key events I have been to since the beginning of summer. These are PodcampUK and the Twitter Meetup. Both of these events have been followed up by a continuing collaboration between participants. The first event was the London twitter meetup. I went there knowing just two participants, Sizemore and Jess. Over the […]

  • Friendships and twitter

    As I left the University halls for the last time so it signalled the beginning of a new era in my life. No longer would I go to the student bar or the editing suites to chat with friends and see what they were doing. Now it was time to move to another part of […]

  • Slow data transfers and self satisfaction

    Playing with technology is a great way of learning new skills but occasionaly you are let down by it. This happened to me tonight when I wanted to do episode four of twittervox. The entire day I had an excellent connection and things were downloading at a good speed. Wait until it’s time for twitter […]

  • Podcamp UK – A conversation about the Social Media

    During two other main conversations in other rooms a group of people of which Phil Campbell, Loudmouthman,Jeff Buckley, Jason and others talked about what they thought web 2.0 was about. View the video  This is no more than a cursory look at the type of conversations you could be a part of by joining the […]

  • PodcampUK – Part 1 of the debrief

    There are many podcamps but Podcampuk was my podcamp. This was an event which was similar to just one previous experience. It was an event where everyone you talked to had at least one website and others may have had several. They also used twitter and prepared radio programs. What is great about the podcast […]

  • tired from the event

    It’s been a good evening at Podcampuk. The afternoon’s sessions were quite funny and the band was good. I enjoyed filming the band thanks to the diversity of shots I could aim to get. We had some interesting interviews of which two were with teachers. One was a University level professor whilst the other was […]