The Lowest Common Denominator

By | 04/06/2015

When animated gifs were new and overused on geocities they were tiring. They were used by people whose homes are surely filled with kitsch. Facebook, with it’s declining user engagement decided that it would join the “me too” bandwagon. As a result of this we will see a noisier unsociable feed.

Twitter has made retweets confusing today. When something is retweeted or commented on you want to see the relevant tweet with the comment. As retweets are today we see a comment and a hyperlink. That comment and hyperlink are useless as they require you to click through to understand. In some circles this would be seen as spam. Users must always know where the link they are clicking is taking them.

I look forward to finding conversation sites where user interactions are the reason for the network to be in existence. At the moment too many “social networks” have encouraged spammy behaviour rather than conversation. As the social networks are filled with junk so the statement that “social media websites are a waste of time” is being made clearer every day.

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