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  • Travian, an online game

    Travian is one of those games you would have loved to play after reading a few Asterix comics. There are three civilisations you can be, Gaul, Roman or Teuton. Each player starts off with one village and expands from there. There are four types of resources. These are wood, clay, iron and wheat. As your […]

  • The “Jobs” sense

    If you’re the head of a company that’s doing as well as Apple there’s something you’ve got to be admired for. It’s the ability to sell a phone with no keyboard and get people to love it. It’s also about selling it for $599 and taking it back down to $399. What appears to be […]

  • No power

    Something you hardly ever think of when you’re in economically more developed countries is electricity because it’s always there for you to use. This was not the case yesterday afternoon when coming back from an interview. Due to some roadworks or the rain (not much but apparently poor maintenance makes things worse) the power down […]

  • There Are Two Parts To The World Wide Web

    the future of the web the search engine was the king, now it’s social networking. People had their own home page, now it’s grown to their own website. The blog was grown and grown, replacing webrings to be developed For several years the search engine was king. This was the place where everyone went to […]

  • Digitising Old Videos

    I have spent a few hours this morning and part of this afternoon digitising videos from a few years ago and it’s a time warp. I have one or two fashion shows on tape. I have at least ten theatre pieces. I have two or three field weeks and I have the 2000 graduation trip […]

  • People From The Past

    Since I started using the world wide web one thing has become clear over the past year. The web has become personal. We have seen a migration from a worldwide web of strangers where everyone is hiding behind an avatar to a worldwide web where no one is hiding behind an avatar, where everyone wants […]

  • O2 and iPhone

    According to a number of articles, 02 and Apple are in final discussions about the iPhone and how they will distribute it within the European Union. So far we still have to wait until December of this year to get it in Europe. I don’t think I want to own this particular phone because the […]

  • I’m A Martial Artist Typist.

    Sometimes you hear about writers and how they fall in love with their machines. I think I’ve begun to love my laptop. I’ve just spent an extraordinary amount of time writing so many words over such a period that the laptop has use marks. If you look at the trackpad you see that the right […]

  • On Trendio My Portfolio Is Doing Well

      If you love reading the news and seeing what’s going on around the world then Trendio is an interesting site for you. I looked at the events that are going to take place and whether Trendio already has them listed. If it does then I decided to buy some stock for those words and […]

  • Singapore Is the Fastest Walking City

    I just noticed that I’d love living in Singapore because that’s the city where people walk the fastest. Copenhaguen is a city I’ve walked in but I didn’t notice it being particularly fast. Berliners walk faster than New Yorkers and Londoners walk slower than all of the above. I wonder how I’d compare to all […]