Month: June 2016

  • Thoughts on the Conversational Sharing of Links

    Facebook and twitter were first and foremost about conversations between individuals. It is only later that thoughts on the conversational sharing of links became relevant. In a conversational environment you may see headlines and either comment or re-share them without taking the time to read the article. In taking the time to read the article […]

  • IFTTT – Instagram to Twitter

    IFTTT – Instagram to Twitter

    Instagram is still a healthy social network. It still finds an engaged group of users who want to share their adventures, meals, friendships and more with other users. Some of them love sharing selfies and others share beautiful landscapes. This keeps the network vibrant and young. Twitter on the other hand has neutralised peoples’ passion […]

  • Content creation and Social Networks

    Content creation and Social Networks both fulfil our need to communicate with others. In one case we are working on the long form and creating content in blog form, photographs, well produced videos and more and through certain social networks we do the opposite. On twitter and facebook we spend most of our time writing two or […]

  • Sending HTC M8 phones to the Middle of the Stratosphere

    A few months ago I saw the video of a mobility scooter going fast across snow. The video was shared as an anim gif with no context. As I explored the diversity of content on Youtube I came across Colin Furze videos. In one project he sent mobile phones to the Middle of the Stratosphere […]

  • Cosmic Trip – Physical Video gaming – Throw it like a frisbee

    Cosmic Trip – Physical Video gaming – Throw it like a frisbee

    Physical Video Gaming Physical video gaming is coming of age thanks to the HTC Vive and related Games. Cosmic Trip is one of these games. You can use both controllers to prepare machines that will prepare robots for mining and defence. These two sets of robots are autonomous. The more resources you mine and the […]

  • Rock Climbing Snail

    Rock Climbing Snail

    For several weeks now it has rained almost every day and almost every weekend. As a result of this rain acitivities have been cancelled. On Sunday we were meant to go outdoor climbing and when we got to the wall we found a rock climbing snail where, in dry weather we could have enjoyed some […]

  • Europeanism and Brexit

    Europeanism and Brexit

    Europeanism “is a term that encapsulates the norms and values that Europeans have in common, and which transcend national or state identity.” Source As an Italian Brit living in Switzerland the notion that Great Britain wants to leave the European Union makes very little sense. In the article Britain’s Dangerous Urge to Go It Alone we see the […]

  • The pleasure of narrowcasting

    The pleasure of narrowcasting

    Three things have made the pleasure of narrowcasting rather than broadcasting a reality. Broadcasting is finding something that as many people as possible are interested in watching. This is mass appeal television. European Football is one example, british rugby another, skiing another and tennis as a last one. Each of these has a large budget […]

  • The Post Social Media Era

    The Post Social Media Era

    I believe that we are shifting towards a Post Social Media Era where social networks are built in to online activities. People love to say that online social networks and social media are a waste of time and that they have a negative impact on how we feel about ourselves. For years I have been […]

  • 360 timelpase videos

    360 timelpase videos

    360 timelapse videos provide us with interesting new opportunities. Imagine for example placing the camera out to see near Weymouth beach and watching as the tide comes towards the camera and then beyond it towards the city. Imagine watching as the sun rises on one side of the Leukerbad Valley and sets on the other. […]