Monthly Archives: June 2015

Cycling up to La Barillette

Cycling over short distances can be a challenge especially when that short distance takes you from the foot of the Jura to the top over 12 kilometres at a 6-10% grade. Cycling up to La Barillette is an endurance test. Perseverance is key. You can start the climb either from Cheserex or Gingins. The climb starts… Read More »

Edwardian Farming, a BBC documentary series about the life of Edwardian farmers.

I really like this documentary series about Edwardian Farming. it is a fly on the wall documentary following three people through a year on an edwardian farm close to Dartmoor. They experiment with market farming, food preparation of the time, trout farming and so much more. It is relaxing and without an over-enthusiastic announcer/narration. It’s… Read More »