Month: January 2008

  • No good mornings

    Yet again Twitter is down for far longer than anticipated due to yet another server upgrade and I wonder about something. I can I recommend anyone use a service like twitter when it’s got such a poort uptime record. It’s not that complicated when you think of it as instant messaging so why all the […]

  • New Seesmic wth replies and latest tweet

    The latest  version of Seesmic was rolled out this evening during the Demo Presentation by Loic Lemeur and amongst it’s newest features are replies counters so that you can see how many people reacted, a latest tweet display and faster loading times for the pages. There is an active conversations tab in the lower right […]

  • Chillout

    Chillout® is an open source implementation of the DMP DRM software. The idea is to create a multiplatform toolkit that allows for the easy managment of rights for media files. Built with Java it has several levels of rights managment for a number of files. This includes encrytion software and more. For a PDF document […]

  • Digitalshadowcaster (TM)

    As the rate of creation of content increases so does the challenge of following what was done by whom and that’s where digitalshadowcaster (TM). The idea is interesting to content producers.  Thus, the life cycle of an object may “Cast” a “Digital Shadow” (DS) that captures real time key information events and actions.  A given […]

  • The Digital Media Project – Summary

    Two nights ago I got an invite from a friend at Kendra inviting me to come to the Friday session of this event. The event was held at Queen Mary University in London. The first session of the morning was to tell us more about the Digital Media project. The talk was given by Leonardo […]

  • My tweeting habit

    Dacort on twitter has given me access to a site (I am not yet free to disclose the URL yet) where we can see our twitter activity in graphic form. It gives us a nice overview of how strong our twitter habit is. (click image to see full graph) When I started using twitter in […]

  • Screening: Kosovo, the Valley

    Last night I went to watch an observational documentary called Kosovo, the Valley, about the conflict in Kosovo in 1998. The event took place at the Frontline club in London. The documentary starts with a graphic scene of the aftermath of an attack and takes a look at both the Albanian side of the conflict […]

  • Video Insider

    I’ve seen a lot of people create link posts where there’s no comment just links and these are not effective. They’re not effective because they require the audience to click through and read the entire post to see what you thought was of interest. Instead I’m going to choose key paragraphs and link to the […]

  • Twitter desaturation

    Due to the quantity of people using twitter it’s purpose has changed. From being a place where you tell people what you’re up to it’s become a place where you discuss what you’re up to and what you’re thinking about. As a result of this following people without them following you back is pointless. I […]

  • Likemind Coffee morning in London

    Two nights ago whilst having a conversation about technology with Fooz on twitter I got a message from Jamie about the Likemind coffee morning in Central London that she thought might be of interest to me. I decided that I would go and it was worth the effort. From what I gather it’s held once […]