No good mornings

Yet again Twitter is down for far longer than anticipated due to yet another server upgrade and I wonder about something. I can I recommend anyone use a service like twitter when it’s got such a poort uptime record. It’s not that complicated when you think of it as instant messaging so why all the downtime. I can’t help but feel there’s poor managment.

I miss saying Good Morning to my World Wide audience.

2 responses to “No good mornings”

  1. It’s a bizarre sensation – you get so used to it and then the morning Twitter is down you find yourself both supremely productive and wondering quite what to do.

    I’m trying to work out whether my reluctance to migrate to either Jaiku or Pownce is simply because Twitter is where my friends are, or because the interface is unfamiliar and slightly uncomfortable – like standing in a room you don’t really know.

    Will we migrate? I don’t know – it depends who parts the waters and makes that first, dynamic move 🙂

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