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Dacort on twitter has given me access to a site (I am not yet free to disclose the URL yet) where we can see our twitter activity in graphic form. It gives us a nice overview of how strong our twitter habit is.

Progression over time

(click image to see full graph)

When I started using twitter in May you can see I was very quiet and it progressed quietly over until August. In August I started to tweet. In December and January I am at the peak of my tweeting habit. This is due to the change in how twitter is used by many people. It went from being a status tool to being a conversation tool around the users activities.

Daily use

As you can see from this graph my activity on twitter is constant throughout the week. With some people you see a clearly defined trough during the weekend. Not with me. You’ll know about me via twitter than any other means of communication as a result. It may not be intimate but there is a lot to be gleamed.

I never sleep

Some people believe that I never sleep, that I am constantly at the computer tweeting but that’s not quite the case. As you can see I tend to tweet constantly throughout the day from the moment I wake till the time I go to sleep. Apparently I sleep four hours a day 😉 I’m not quite that bad.


Here are some of the people I’ve atted most during my use of twitter. of course I’m sure this has evolved over the months and it is not representative of who I have talked to most. In some cases many instant messages and direct messages have been shared instead.


I have used four interfaces in particular, the web interface because that’s what everyone uses initially and with recent api troubles it has become the easier option. Twitterific I used for a long time but because of the volume of tweets I receive I had to find another alternative which was in the form of twhirl, an adobe air client that works far better. The final tool is instant messenger.

Instant messenger makes interacting with those you tweet with a lot far easier because you see their messages as soon as they arrive, rather than have to refresh constantly. Of course occasionaly you feel the need not to get all their updates so you rely on the web interface.

So as you see these are my usage states for twitter and it’s thanks to @dacort that I can show them to you. This is a peak as you will also be able to see your usage stats in the near future.

Happy tweeting.





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