Month: November 2007

  • 38 tweets an hour

    Yesterday I decided that I would track how many tweets I receive within a 24hr period. The result is not that bad. Over that period 917 tweets transited through my timeline. These tweets are sent according to the time of day. Some of them are sent during the Australian morning, European morning and goodnight time […]

  • Podcrastinating

    Podcrastinating, when you put off doing something because you prefer listening to a podcast instead. It’s when you know that you should be doing a number of things but because you want to listen to conversations you listen to podcasts instead. Those guilty for taking a lot of my time would be From our own […]

  • Posting about friends

    When people write about friends should they post their twitter profile page or the websites their friends are working on. I’m asking this question because whilst reading a post today I was interested in the ability to follow these friends and see what they’re up to rather than read the website. Reading a twitterstream is […]

  • I was incomplete

    Yesterday I talked about feeds not being incomplete and how it was a shame that we could not read the article unless we had a connection to the sites in question. Desertrose0601 on twitter pointed out in a blog comment that I was guilty of  the same thing that I was commenting on. That has […]

  • On the Importance of understanding what you are writing about

    Nick O’Neill needs to do more research. Most of what he writes is speculative based on two or three months of research rather than sociological research. He goes after trends and gut feelings. As a result whilst his content is interesting to keep a track of it’s not relevant to the type of content I […]

  • The Social Media

    Forget the term new media, it’s passed, it’s gone. Today’s key word is social media. What this term means is the following. Any medium that encourages conversations via new technologies, whether twitter, blogs and podcasts or forums is a social media. It is the idea that authority has disappeared. Rather than be talked to by […]

  • why RSS feeds should be complete

    When you’re creating web content that’s fed please think about those that are reading your feed from a device that is disconnected. here I am on a train and I’m captive to the content that you make available on your feed. Some feeds have the full article but others don’t. The result of this has […]

  • Andrew Gilligan in Bristol

    Tonight I’m in Bristol.  I just listened to Andrew Gilligan give a little speech about journalism and some interesting aspects. It was filmed with two cameras and the video should be available in the near future. I also met John Charteris Black who wrote a few books as listed in the link I provided above.

  • Facebook and marketing

    Today I really wish i could vote for whether I like or hate the adverts that facebook are displaying in my news feed. The reason for this is simple. Whilst everyone else is complaining about how advertisers are destroying their privacy with targeted advertising I find the opposite is true. I’m really angry with Facebook […]

  • The social media living room.

    The social media living room is great because it’s really any device that you can connect to the web with, whether a simple mobile phone or a full spec desktop computer. Some of us look at the computer first thing in the morning and last thing at a night. This is as much as part […]