Monthly Archives: September 2007

Thoughts on the ipod touch

Today I dropped by the apple store and bought an ipod touch at the same time as a friend. both of us were speaking about how we were going to wait the five hours before the device was charged. I didn’t. I plugged it into the laptop and let it charge for five hours that… Read More »

Andrew Keen at the Frontline Club

Content creation and distribution has become far cheaper than it was in the past. Whereas in the past you’d have tons of equipment to create television programs today the barriers to entry are lower as a result of which the cult of the amateur is allowed to flourish. As the technology is adopted by more… Read More »

A trip to the apple store

Playing with technology is fun especially when you could fit it into your shirt pocket. The ipod s one such device. it fits easily into the pocket and can play video, allow for the viewing of photos and more. I also like the user interface, whether the fact the screen is split into text on… Read More »

Travian, an online game

Travian is one of those games you would have loved to play after reading a few Asterix comics. There are three civilisations you can be, Gaul, Roman or Teuton. Each player starts off with one village and expands from there. There are four types of resources. These are wood, clay, iron and wheat. As your… Read More »

The mobile phone app

Everyday at least one friend has one of their friends lose their mobile phone and all numbers on that device. As a result you find that there are hundreds of groups with the title “named individual has lost their phone” where everyone is expected to post their mobile number for quick synchronisation. It would be… Read More »

MTV and international oversight

When the VMA are advertised everywhere and where there is easy access to information about everything that is going on around the world MTV appears short sighted. If you’ve got an award ceremony that you’re telling the world about then you’d better give the world access to all the footage for the simple reason that… Read More »

The “Jobs” sense

If you’re the head of a company that’s doing as well as Apple there’s something you’ve got to be admired for. It’s the ability to sell a phone with no keyboard and get people to love it. It’s also about selling it for $599 and taking it back down to $399. What appears to be… Read More »