Thoughts on the ipod touch

Today I dropped by the apple store and bought an ipod touch at the same time as a friend. both of us were speaking about how we were going to wait the five hours before the device was charged. I didn’t. I plugged it into the laptop and let it charge for five hours that way

So far there are a number of features I love about this device. The first of these is the screen. it’s nice and wide and it’s slim which means it’s easier to carry. Wifi works great whether the network is protected and both the itunes store and youtube are quick to access. Further to this the safari browser works well for browsing news articles whilst within range of wifi hotspots. You can browse several websites at once if you so desire.

Among those things I think are limiting is the lack of a proper keyboard. I often find myself pressing one key and finding that another one is pressed. As a result I may have to spend a few hours getting used to a virtual keyboard. If you hold the device horizontal rather than vertical the problem is somewhat resolved.

More to come as I gain more experience

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