Month: September 2007

  • The joy of flying

    I’ve flown geneva to London so many times that I’m completely indifferent about the flight. I’m not so indifferent about the consistent flight delays that I always get. At the moment today’s delay is nothing but one hr fourty. That’s a delay that lasts longer than the flight. I wish flying was like catching the […]

  • On television accuracy within this “New Media” landscape

    Since I had some free time I went over to the Old Theatre of the London school of economics and what we found out from that conversation is that people don’t trust television. According to one of the chairs this was at a ratio of 4:3. This is an interesting situation since the question of […]

  • The SMS application – Facebook

    I feel absolutely no need for a free SMS application when I have something as powerful as twitter. If more people would use it then I would have a lot more IRL friends following my moves. As things are the idea of sending short messages to just one or two individuals at a time seems […]

  • Three lectures in two days

    Over the past two days I have been to three lectures of sorts. I went to listen to what people had to say about aid workers and journalism, what A crude Awakening was like and finally today to a talk about whether television should be trusted. All of these events were good and will get […]

  • Wifi detection

    Twice yesterday I was surprised at how fast the new ipod detects networks. The first time was in one of wagamama’s restaurants. It found ten within two seconds of opening up the application. The second time was in a block of flats. Both times it detected the networks within a matter of seconds. It’s a […]

  • 17 After the Event- Carrying the Conversation Forward

    There are two key events I have been to since the beginning of summer. These are PodcampUK and the Twitter Meetup. Both of these events have been followed up by a continuing collaboration between participants. The first event was the London twitter meetup. I went there knowing just two participants, Sizemore and Jess. Over the […]

  • 59 Twitter is Too Simple- Twitter is Just Right

    Twitter is one of those things that’s really hard to explain due to it’s sheer simplicity. It’s a website that allows you to answer the “what are you doing question”. That is the initial phase. When you’re new to twitter you’ll be confused because you know no one therefore the codes and conventions are blurred. […]

  • The Brogan hundred

    Chris Brogan recently wrote a list of one hundred things he would like people to blog about and I would like to make my way through the list. It may take 100 days but it may take fewer. It depends on how busy I get and what interesting things are there to sidetrack me. The […]

  • John Fisher Burns at the frontline Club

    A few days ago I went to listen to John Fisher Burns, longest serving Western Journalist in Iraq at the frontline club in London. The talk was both informative and interesting. I enjoyed being surrounded by people who knew from personal experience what the situation is in that country. if you’d like to see what […]

  • Yet another episode. Twittervox 4

    Yet another episode of twittervox was recorded today at the new time of 1pm British summertime whilst outside the weather is more autumnal. Nik Butler of h and I discussed the new media landscape and how social networks in the real and virtual world were interacting together. Loudmouthman focussed his attention on social media networks […]