Month: July 2007

  • Facebook Is Down

    Social networking websites should never be down because their success comes from three factors; ease of use, accessibility, and reliability. With a good layout and good interaction, the website attracts the novice as well as the weather-beaten web surfer that’s seen it all. Accessibility is about it being easy to use on all browsers, whether […]

  • Monday Night Picadilly Line People

    Last night’s fourty minute trip meant I got to see a lot of faces as I headed from one side to another. Some of these people would be forgotten within a few seconds whilst others would be remembered slightly longer. One girl had a disarming stare, as I headed to my first destination of the […]

  • Half a Million Visitors

    Over the past year, over half a million visits have been counted to this website. Over the past five months over fifty thousand visits, a month took place. For the period in question, there have been almost two million hits and  58 gigabytes of data transfer.

  • Map Your Friends – Facebook Api

    As I was looking through the applications I found an application that helps to map your friends according to the geolocation details they added to their profile. As your social network is more global so you will find that your friends are more spread around the world. As you’ll see for me there’s a lot […]

  • Looking out of a window at traffic

    I’m on the second floor of a home which looks out onto a busy road which means there’s a lot of traffic passing by but wait there’s more. Road works are taking place. Traffic must stop. Stopped traffic means hours of entertainment from the comfort of your room. So far I saw one van back […]

  • The Digital Lifestyle

    A journalism student at the University of Westminster worked on an item about addiction to technology and this is quite an old item. In 1998 (if I remember correctly) I was speaking to a security guard in Martinique about the internet and he talked about it as if it was a disease as if it […]

  • No power

    Something you hardly ever think of when you’re in economically more developed countries is electricity because it’s always there for you to use. This was not the case yesterday afternoon when coming back from an interview. Due to some roadworks or the rain (not much but apparently poor maintenance makes things worse) the power down […]

  • There Are Two Parts To The World Wide Web

    the future of the web the search engine was the king, now it’s social networking. People had their own home page, now it’s grown to their own website. The blog was grown and grown, replacing webrings to be developed For several years the search engine was king. This was the place where everyone went to […]

  • 860 k/bits per second on wifi

    I am currently downloading at about 800 k/bits per second which is some of the fastest downloading I’ve done, especially from home over a wifi connection. It’s a broadband connection but using one of the latest wifi cards. That’s the current speed

  • Overcast And Rainy

    The problem with living in two countries is that the climate between the two homes may be very different. Whilst the weather in Switzerland is warm and sunny in England it’s cold and dreary. It’s gray. I was hoping that the weather in Switzerland would break the day I flew back to London so that […]