Monday Night Picadilly Line People

Monday Night Picadilly Line People

Last night’s fourty minute trip meant I got to see a lot of faces as I headed from one side to another. Some of these people would be forgotten within a few seconds whilst others would be remembered slightly longer. One girl had a disarming stare, as I headed to my first destination of the night. She got off within a few stops and my journey continued.

On the way back I was in good spirits after filming a few people perform their songs. I left so that I would have plenty of time to make my way home. It’s on this tube that I noticed all the people on the tube. Two guys, each with a drum stick were tapping to a beat no one else could hear. Another person was leaning to the right, onto the glass that prevents you from falling in front of the door should you sleep whilst commuting. A food guide was being read by another person, either after a good dinner or because he was still hungry. Two or three more people were half asleep.

One individual had bloodshot eyes, possibly from excessive drinking. He had to stand since no seats were available. The London light was entertaining another. Hair could be seen playing with the draught you get from the open window at the back of the carriage as she traveled along the tunnel to her destination listening to her iPod. To my left was a woman reading the media guardian.

In the back pocket of one individual was a booklet for The Phantom of the Opera as he waited to get off as his tube stop was coming up. To his right, a woman gesture to her companion indicating the booklet. They looked happy with the thought of going to the event.

In front of me were two women around my age. One had a breadcrumb on her lip but didn’t realise it. To her right the opposite, an attractive girl with sandals, a golden coat and a silver iPod nano to keep her entertained on the journey home. Hearing was taken care of by the headphones but the eyes were darting around the carriage. One way, then another, without settling anywhere specific.

Everyone must have done this, sat in a tube train, and looked at everyone around them, noticing little details, noticing where people had been and where they were going. It was the Monday night tube taking many of these people home.

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