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Google Latitude

Google latitude is an interesting app available at least on Nokia phones that allows you to see where your friends are according to their mobile phone. At the moment it’s limited just to your gmail friends but expand to include more. What makes this application interesting in the near future is that as more of… Read More »

Google Chrome – a quick look.

It’s not often that you see me seated at a PC running windows but when Google Chrome was released that’s the OS of choice. I had to test it and so far there are a few features I find of interest. These featres are seen when looking at the Google Chrome most visited page. Here… Read More »

Wikipedia Reaches 2 Million Articles

A recent article has brought to the world’s attention that Wikipedia has over 2 million articles on its website and that’s great. What it means is that thousands of people have taken a little time out of their day to provide what knowledge they had to a global audience through their small contribution. The World… Read More »

O2 and iPhone

According to a number of articles, 02 and Apple are in final discussions about the iPhone and how they will distribute it within the European Union. So far we still have to wait until December of this year to get it in Europe. I don’t think I want to own this particular phone because the… Read More »

I hope he doesn’t succeed

There is an individual from Wembley who wants to sue google for search results apparently defaming him. The content was posted by anonymous sources and due to this fact, it is time-consuming to find who was the source of these allegations. There is a problem with the complaint. The worldwide web generates several hundreds of… Read More »