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  • Cheap Curiousities and Expensive Ones

    Cheap Curiousities and Expensive Ones

    Mobile Phones We are in a pandemic and I am between contracts, two reasons for which having an interest in the latest mobile phones is a futile pass time. I tried to revive my old Android phone and succeeded. I sometimes find it hard to get the phone recharged, and when it is recharged I […]

  • The Apple Watch does not fill a niche

    The Apple Watch rather than fill a niche provides a fifth screen. According to Wikipedia the four first screens are the cinema screen, the television screen and the mobile phone and tablet screen. The fifth screen is the smart watch as designed by Apple, Samsung, Sony and others. Apple and others have designed phones that bring […]

  • Some Android apps.

    To see which apps I have just take a look below. With Appz.im you can easily share which apps you have with people. It’s quick and easy to set up.

  • Podcasts on the Android

    For three days now I have been listening to podcasts on the Nexus one using Listen. It is a podcast app that allows you to subscribe to and download podcasts from the comfort of the mobile device. What I like about this app is the ease with which you can select which podcasts to listen […]