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Day 49 Of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – A Two And A Half Hour Walk At Dusk.

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I just got back from a two and a half-hour walk at dusk. I had no plan to go for such a long walk. It was elongated because I ended up taking a detour to see calves just as they were being fed. They’re quite excited about getting some food. They were very happy to get their daily milk, as you can see from the image below.

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Dairy… I mean daily walk.

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This morning I challenged myself to create a wordpress theme and I got as far as creating a simple one with no features or embellishments. This will be tomorrow’s task. I followed this tutorial and I managed to get everything to work. I then moved on to part two but I’m struggling to get pagination to work properly. I glimpsed at this page but as it was already after two in the afternoon I stopped to have lunch. I still want to pretend to live to a normal schedule even if it’s a little skewed at the moment. Ironically I think I’m still on winter time.

The challenge of creating a wordpress theme had an excellent effect on my mood during this pandemic because I felt positive and in the moment. When I got a phone call I answered and said that I felt excellent, for the simple reason that I did.

To cope with this pandemic I have practically given up on Twitter, Facebook, and greatly reduced the time i spend listening to news podcasts. I only listen to news in German which is great because A) it helps me improve my understanding of German, and B) Because German news is still serious. You still get hard news.

I still enjoy using Tik Tok, Flickr, and Instagram. Tik Tok does have content that makes me suffer but it’s easy enough to flick past it and recharge with the next post. Instagram is mostly people sharing content that does not remind me of the solitude I am experiencing at the moment so it’s pleasant. On Flickr, I like being able to see portraits, probably because at the moment I don’t see people from less than two meters away.

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Version two.

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See you tomorrow, for day 50.


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